A Soft Place to Land

Our retreats are designed to help the wives and partners of men called sex addicts, as well as women who have suffered betrayal trauma or intimate partner abuse. Come focus on your healing in a beautiful, peaceful, and nurturing environment. Meet other women who know what you are going through, who are also in recovery. Learn from women who’ve walked through this fire and not only survived but are now thriving. 

You’ll have the opportunity to share your story, which will truly be heard and honored. You’ll participate in educational sessions, creative therapy, and trauma writing workshops. Also included is a follow-up online session with trauma specialist Diane Strickland, who will help you process the retreat experience itself after you return home. 

This is your weekend. Take long walks. Read, nap, daydream. Form lasting friendships. Get some much needed rest and eat delicious, nutritious food that you don’t have to prepare. Leave stronger and with the information and tools you need to make the right decisions for you and your children.

The Women Helping Women

Tania Rochelle, MS, LPC, NCC, MFA is a counselor who works with wives and partners of men called sex addicts. She is also a teacher and a writer, who brings these skills into her work with traumatized women. She is trained in EMDR to reduce trauma symptoms, and enjoys teaching women to use writing and other types of creative therapy to help process trauma as well. But more important for you to know, she has been where you are. She survived and is able to find joy every day. You can too.

Diane Strickland, MA, MDiv, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist-Therapist. After three decades in ordained ministry, Diane has been coming  alongside partners professionally since 2014. Diane is an expert at accompanying partners through discovery trauma: managing symptoms, identifying risks, engaging legal processes, and affirming and honoring the life of each woman. Diane, too, has walked this path, through the darkness to become a light. Her website, YourStoryIsSafeHere.com, is a powerful resource for partners,

Lili Bee is the founder of POSARC, one of the very first resources for wives and partners of men called sex addicts. She is a pioneer in partner support and a fierce advocate for partners as they face a treatment industry that has historically abused them further. She is APSATS (Association for Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists) certified and a certified SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner). And guess what else? Yes, Lili is a former partner and radiant survivor.

Dr. Susan Kay is a creator and a detail wrangler. Raising two daughters in the wake of a sexually compulsive and deceptive husband has given Susan a deep love and understanding of women in all phases of discovery. She uses her self-professed slightly OCD organizational skills and compassion to oversee the  communications and media for Sweetwater Retreats.